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No one should be struggling to feed themselves and their families. For those that do, Haringey Community Food Network (HCFN) is a network of emergency food providers, food banks, community kitchens, food delivery services and homeless outreach projects across Haringey. HCFN members collaborate to offer as comprehensive a food service as possible for those in need, and distribute food donated in Haringey as evenly as they can. 

Originally coming together in 2020 during the pandemic, Haringey Food Network had the backing of Haringey Council and many other organisations. Transitioning to a constituted organisation early in 2022, with a slight change of name, HCFN is still well supported by The Council and others, it is now better placed to apply for grants and funding. It is also well placed to identify the root causes of poverty, to authoritatively inform the fight to end it.

Through its network, HCFN takes a collaborative approach to fighting food injustice within the community. Working alongside local, regional and national authorities by collecting information and feeding this up the chain, will be a way of being a part of the overdue conversation on real solutions to poverty at major policy level.

HCFN is looking to take a whole food system approach to tackling food injustice. The plan is to expand its network to include growing groups, schools, local food businesses and any other interested organisation. 

There needs to be a big shift and we’re proud to be a positive factor towards positive outcomes.

If you'd like to become a member, please sign up here:

Find out more about our membership and joining HCFN. 

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